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For those of you that haven’t been to the area before and don’t know about Celebration town we thought we would add some information here. Celebration is Disney’s own housing development. It was built on the Southern tip of Disney’s Land and is an idyllic town. Short term rentals are unavailable within the development itself due to the local covenants but that isn’t a problem as our villa is only two minutes from the town centre being the closest resort to both Celebration and the Disney parks. Celebration is our local town with downtown Kissimmee being some 40 minutes away.

Celebration is well worth a visit, the setting and architectural style Disney used here really makes it a beautiful town with the centre being set on a large lake. There are a number of good quality restaurants here as well as the Celebration Hotel which is a great spot for lunch or dinner and for those guests wishing to stay in the Town of Celebration itself.

There is always something to see here from the Farmers market / craft and art fairs to the Xmas lights and even snow in the streets over the winter / Xmas period.

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View across the lake

The Celebration Hotel is the Pink building to the left of the photo. There are various shops and restaurants along the lake front.

Sitting out Perimeter walkway

Lakefront seating is a great place to enjoy an ice cream or maybe a pancake.  And a lakeside path runs all the way around the large lake and is great for an after dinner stroll. As you would expect the lake has some great wildlife too.

Fun in the fountains

There is relaxing music played along the lakefront and this attractive fountain located in front of the cinema changes playfully. Most children and even some adults don’t seem to mind getting wet here!

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