*****The Emerald Villa.....
***** The Emerald Villa.....
Recent Updates

We are continually striving to improve the villa and amenities in our search for unparalleled excellence and we have made some further additions / improvements during our last visit.  In fact we have so much at the villa we are struggling to come up with new improvements for the future.

WiFi Broadband - Since the clubhouse is getting busier and busier now the resort is fully developed and sold we have put a computer in the villa. WiFi broadband is now available at the villa so guests are free to use the computer provided or take their own WiFi compatible laptops.

HD viewing- A full HD package with 100s of channels to choose from including all the sports and movie channels is provided! HD - High Definition - is the next thing in TV viewing and once experienced there’s no going back! A 50” 3DTV is provided in the family room to enjoy the HD viewing at it’s very best.

HD Plasma - A 50” HD Plasma screen has also been wall mounted in the games room for watching sports in high definition whilst you enjoy the pool table and other amenities.

Amazing entertainment facilities of the Game roomXBox 360  live and system linked - We have installed four high quality 32” HD LCD screens in the games room with XBox 360’s for full interactive play.... Race your brothers, fight your sisters and gun down your grandma..... This has a variety of the latest games for the whole family to enjoy. Presently two 360’s and 2 PS2’s are installed. Once we see what happens with the PS3 we will either upgrade the PS2’s for PS3’s or further 360’s. These are system linked and registered for online play!

Outdoor activities - We will be looking into providing some scooters and / or bikes on our next visit. Tennis rackets and balls, a volley ball, kites and various other things are provided for outdoor sports and fun.

Great Media - Fantastic new titles of DvDs, PS2 and XBox 360 games are being added each visit to the already comprehensive list for your enjoyment. 3D films will be added shortly!

Poolside Seclusion - Outside the villa around the pool we have added more plants and privacy and our gardener is working on the project to further enhance this area as the seasons pass.

Poolside Music - A Music system has been added so you can listen to the radio or play CD’s whilst you relax by the pool. This was a great idea by a guest who was reserving the villa so we had it in place for their stay. We are always looking for more ideas of ways to improve the villa and your enjoyment of it.

Pachinko! - Pachinko, Pachinko! We have installed four Pachinko machines complete with 1000s of balls. Basically, if you don’t know what Pachinko is, it is a cross between pinball and a slot machine that you feed steel pinballs into in order to win more balls. The game incorporates pinball skill with animated gambling fun and if you are any good then you win more balls than you had to start with. They even have professional Pachinko players in Japan where the game was created! This highly animated and fun, visually exciting game is huge in Japan and it can now be played in various casinos across the USA and the craze is just starting up in the UK. Play it at *****The Emerald Villa!

++++++ 3DTV HAS ARRIVED ++++++

We are fast running out of things to upgrade with but are always open to ideas for additions so if there is something you would like in place for your stay just ask!

We know that no other villa offers this level of luxury and amenities. There’s no finer! *****The Emerald Villa.... is THE ULTIMATE vacation rental in the Disney area!

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