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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions for reserving ***** The Emerald Villa.....

These terms and conditions are provided by us (the villa owner) and are aimed at providing you (the villa party), with a problem free vacation, and maintaining the high standards of accommodation for each and every party of guests who stay at the Emerald Villa.

The lead guest must be over 25 years of age, accepts these terms and conditions on behalf of all members of the villa party and is solely responsible for ensuring these are adhered to.  By returning a booking / reservation form to us you automatically agree to having read and understood the terms and conditions.

Bookings and Cancellations

The reservation form is to be filled out in full and returned to us either by email or by post to one of the addresses shown below.

UK contact

US contact

Joanne Witherden
8 Orchard Rise
Milborne St Andrew
Blandford Forum
DT11 0LL

Susan Zendall
14232 Canarias Drive
Winter Garden

The villa can accommodate up to a maximum of 10 adults, 6 children and 2 infants.  Upon booking, a deposit of at least 20% must be paid within 5 working days to fully reserve your stay on those dates.  Full payment is required 10 weeks prior to the commencement of your stay.  Cancellations prior to 10 weeks in advance of the start of your scheduled stay will result in loss of the deposit.  Cancellations within 10 weeks of your stay will be liable for the total cost of the reservation.  It is your responsibility to make sure that all guests have adequate insurance to cover your accommodation costs in case of cancellation through accident, illness or other circumstance.  It is also your responsibility to ensure that all members of the villa party have valid passports and appropriate visas where necessary.

Your contract with us is made on the terms of this agreement under English law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Check in / out times

The villa will be available for you to check in from 4pm on the day of your arrival.  Checking out time is by no later than 10am on the day of your departure (to allow for cleaning to commence before the next guests arrive).  If sufficient notice is given we may be able to alter these times if there is a gap in the villa schedule, but this will not normally be possible.  Nor are we able to store luggage for you at the villa either prior to or after your stay.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning will take place prior to your arrival and after your departure.  When you depart at the end of your stay you will need to leave the property in an orderly state, with the kitchen utensils cleaned and put back in their places, the BBQ, kitchen appliances, worktops etc all left clean, drawers and cupboards emptied of your belongings and all trash taken to the compactor or disposed of. 

Maintenance of the villa is extremely important.  We can make no guarantees that every single item at the villa will be in working order, as things do get broken etc, but we do aim to deal with problems as quickly and efficiently as possible once reported to us or our caretaker, in order to ensure as little impact on present and future guests as is possible.  For these reasons we reserve the right to carry out maintenance and repair work during your stay.  We will always try not to disturb guests and carry out maintenance between scheduled stays, but this may not always be possible or desirable.  Where repair or replacement isn’t possible (and because we are constantly upgrading the villa amenities) we retain the right to remove or change advertised amenities at the villa for these reasons. 


The villa has a fully equipped games room including electronic games consoles, and there are TVs and media players.  Guests are requested not to move any of the components or disconnect or connect them – if you are unable to operate the systems by following the instructions please contact the caretaker for further help.  A wide selection of DVDs and games are provided for use by you during your stay.  It is your responsibility to ensure these are returned to the racks in number order upon departure.  Should any be missing or found to be damaged on arrival please let the caretaker know so that they can be replaced. 

Guests and Visitors

The villa is licensed for sixteen persons plus infants but has only main bedding for fourteen (10 adults and four children) plus two infant put-up cots.  It is possible to have two extra children stay at the villa therefore totalling 16 persons plus infants, by prior arrangement. 

Only persons included on the booking form are entitled to use the property.  The home is not to be used to host large parties or social/group gatherings.  If persons found to be using the villa are not listed on the reservation form or with prior written agreement from us (the owners of the villa), we reserve the right to remove the whole party from the villa without notice or compensation. 

Insects and pests

Florida has an abundant number of insects associated with the tropical climate.  The villa is treated for insects regularly to ensure no problems occur but on occasion insects will inevitably find their way into the property.  Ants are the most common intruder but are easily avoided by not leaving foodstuffs out or sweet wrappers in bedrooms etc.  Should you experience any problems with insect or other pests at all please let us know as soon as possible and we will arrange treatment. 

Internet / telephone

Full WiFi is available at the villa for guests’ use.  There are telephones in the kitchen and master bedrooms and calls are included in the cost of your stay provided the level of use is within reasonable limits (excessive use considerably over and above normal use may be charged). 

Loss or breakage of items, or damage to the villa or its contents

Guests should treat the villa and all its contents with respect.  Any breakages, loss or damage will be made good by the guest at our discretion and we reserve the right to withhold any moneys from the security deposit or recharge the villa party for extra cleaning or other related services where necessary. Damage should be reported instantly to the caretaker so that it may be rectified quickly and efficiently before the next guests arrive.  We will meet our guests some way on the payment for replacement or repair of damage providing it is reported immediately. Damage discovered after guests depart will be charged in full plus any administration costs.

The moving of furniture and other large or delicate items is not advised.  However, if you feel the need to do so you must put those items back where they were before you depart. 

Motorhomes / RV’s, trailers etc

If you are arriving in a motorhome or have bikes on a trailer please be aware that these aren’t allowed to be parked within the resort overnight.


The villa is a clean hypoallergenic environment with furniture and bedding suitable for those that suffer from allergies. Therefore for the comfort and convenience of all our guests the villa is strictly a no pets area. Guests found to have pets at the villa will incur the total loss of their security deposit and will be removed from the villa immediately and without compensation. 


The pool is heated by an electric heater and this is included in the price of your stay. The heater is set at 83 degrees which is the highest it can be under Florida State Law. The heater will heat the pool to a maximum of 35 degrees above air temperature and during rare periods where the temperature drops to the 40s it may fall below 83 degrees.  A thermal pool blanket is provided for guests to use overnight to keep the pool temperature comfortable in cooler weather. 

The pool is chemically treated on a weekly basis for health and safety reasons as dictated by Florida State Law. For safety reasons there is a child safety fence in place that can be dismantled at the guests own risk and the patio doors are alarmed. It is your responsibility to ensure that the patio door alarms are turned on and working and children are accompanied by an adult at all times. If any of the door alarms aren’t working for any reason you are duty bound to inform the caretaker straight away for maintenance. We accept no responsibility for death or accident in or around the pool area. We ask that the unbreakable tableware is used outside in this area but should a glass become broken near the pool it is your duty to let the caretaker know so the pool guy can sweep the pool to avoid future accident.  You will not be charged for this, safety comes first. 

Reporting problems

Whilst we take every care to ensure that everything is perfect for your stay at the villa, in the event of any problems or need of assistance in any way no matter how small our caretaker is available 24 hours a day.  Please report any problems to ensure that these can be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

If there is reason for complaint then these must be forwarded to our caretaker within 24 hours in writing (contact details are made available at the villa) or to us (the villa owners) via email.  Unless there is a valid reason we will not be responsible for any complaint that is not so registered and any financial reimbursement will not be possible.  Financial reimbursement may be given at our discretion. Everything we do is aimed at making sure you have the best vacation experience possible and based on historical fact we doubt that you will experience any problems.  

Safety and security

Children under the age of 18 years must not be left un-supervised at the villa during your stay.

The pool has a fitted safety screen to ensure children’s safety which can be removed at your own risk. Children must be supervised at all times around the pool area by a responsible adult and we do not accept responsibility for any loss or injury in the pool or around the pool area. Crockery and glass must not be taken into the pool or surrounding patio area for obvious reasons. An alarm system is fitted at the villa and it is possible to turn this on so that the villa can be inhabited but the doors alarmed so that children cannot go outside without it sounding. 

It is also your responsibility to lock your valuables and money in the safes provided at the villa.  We do not accept liability for losses of money and valuables during your stay at the villa. 

On departure the property should be left secured and house keys left in the lock box provided.

Security Deposits

A refundable Security deposit of 500 ($750) is required 4 weeks prior to the holiday start date and is refundable as soon as possible after your departure providing all is well. 


For the comfort and convenience of all our guests the villa is a no smoking area. Smoking is permitted outside by the pool deck area and guests are welcome to smoke there. Smoking within the villa will result in the total loss of your security deposit and if discovered before your departure your party will be removed without compensation or consideration

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